Thursday, August 18, 2011

Found a Sequel to College Girls!

Rummaging through an old computer the other day, I found the beginning of a sequel to one of my erotic novels, College Girls.

I was astonished - didn't even remember writing it.

I've been tinkering with it, anyway, so maybe I'll post some up later. Or polish it up and get it published.

Spanking, CP, you name it, you know me. Lovely saucy stuff.

Off to play with it right now, in fact. The sequel, that is.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chick Chat & Erotica Guests

I've noticed that some other erotica authors post short hot fiction on their blogs. Others, like me, tend to post on their blogs in a less explicit way.

So which is best? Diary or breast?

If you'd like to see some fiction here, please leave a comment and let me know what turns you on. Perhaps I could write micro-fiction and just post up some very short stories of a few hundred words on a few chosen themes.

I'd also like some guest erotica bloggers!

Any takers, please leave a comment letting me know how to contact you. You should be published, ideally, and already have a following or readership at your own blog. That can be epub or paper publishing, by the way.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Erotic Twitter Hashtags

So tell me, which are the best Twitter hashtags to be using for erotica writing?

I've just sent this out on Twitter (@catscarlett1):

Looking for like-minded folk to follow  

Hoping that may net me a bit of interest, as I'm still pretty much a newbie on Twitter.

But I've noticed that most of those hashtag searches bring up professionals dealing in those areas.  What I'd really like to find on Twitter are the grass-roots level readers, the enthusiasts and amateur toe-dippers who might like to chat and maybe later entertain themselves for an hour or two with one of my novels.

All suggestions received gratefully. Thanks!

Cat x

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Does Nancy Friday Get Away With Bestiality ... But Erotica Writers Can't?

One thing that makes little sense for me in the world of erotica writing is the discrepancy between non-fiction sex and fictionalised sex.

Specifically, I'm thinking of Nancy Friday's fantastic, ground-breaking books on sexual fantasies, which started appearing in the late 70s, I believe.

Friday's brave and intelligent non-fiction explorations of these fantasies really blew the lid off female sexuality. Until Nancy Friday's books, I suspect many people thought very few women masturbated, or if they did, it was to gentle, non-threatening, straight-sex fantasies about celebrity figures or the local tennis coach.

The Nancy Friday books were an eye-opener for women as well as men. They gave us permission to think of ourselves as kinky sexual creatures in our own right, not as victims of male perversion. We read those fantasies with a sense of shock but also fascinated prurience. And got horny at the same time.

But some of them were quite challenging too. Hey, wait a minute, women fantasising about violent sex? This can't be right. And imagining sex with other women, or their brothers, or even their fathers? The most shocking of all had to be the idea of women fantasising about having sex with animals. And men fantasising about their wives and girlfriends having sex with animals instead of themselves.

No wonder one of those collections of fantasies was called WOMEN ON TOP. The candour and liberated sexuality of those women empowered the rest of us to fully enjoy what we were doing in bed ... with or without a partner.

The key factor in these animal fantasies seemed to be penis size. Having sex with an animal wasn't about the cuddliness and companionable nature of animals compared to the impersonal functionality of a dildo. It was all about substance, and unashamedly so. (Not to mention not having to wake up next to them in the morning or consider having their children.)

We're talking big dogs - German Shepherds, Boxers, Irish Wolfhounds - and then the obvious horses, ponies, donkeys - we all know the old saying, 'Hung like a donkey', don't we? - and even in one memorable fantasy, albeit from a man, a tiger.

And some of those 'fantasies' purported to be true stories of sexual activity, of acts lovingly remembered in lavish detail rather than dreamt up as a masturbatory aid.

Yet even today, several decades after Nancy Friday's MY SECRET GARDEN was published, a no-animals-barred book of women's sexual fantasies, most mainstream erotic publishers still refuse to publish fiction that involves sex with animals of any description. 

This reticence is clearly about censorship and the old fear of falling foul of obscenity laws. Publishers don't want to get their wrists slapped and their books pulped by an over-zealous government watchdog, I guess. (Though maybe that depends on the size of the watchdog!)

But what I can't grasp is why it's okay to publish these forbidden tales of taboo sexual activity in a book of adult 'fantasies', but not in a work of adult fiction aimed at the same readership.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gritty Erotica, edited by Sommer Marsden

Here's a down 'n' dirty recommendation for you. Just downloaded it onto my Kindle and it looks great so far. Hope to get it reviewed soon. If I can stop reading long enough, that is ...

 Stories by: Quinn Gabriel * Willsin Rowe * Rita Winchester * Alison Tyler * Sommer Marsden * Aisling Weaver * Heidi Champa * Shanna Germain * Parker Ford * Justine Elyot     

Grab this hot 2011 anthology at All Romance.

Now on Twitter!

I've finally bowed to pressure from techie friends and have a Twitter account.

If you're interested in erotica writing, or just in writing full-stop, you can now follow me at:!/CatScarlett1

Love to see you there and chat!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Bestselling Lesbian Erotica

Rather marvellous to see today that "WHAT SUKI WANTS" is currently Number 35 on the UK Amazon Bestseller list for lesbian erotica.

Here's the full list

Friday, June 10, 2011

Need more detail on Kindle books

One of my greatest frustrations is buying an interesting-looking erotic novel or collection of erotic stories on Kindle, and discovering after download that it's either too short, very poorly written, or not quite what I was looking for.

I don't know why more detail on book length can't be given before buying.

Being able to download a sample is brilliant. But it isn't always representative. Sometimes most of the sample pages are taken up with pre-story business, and you hardly get a taste of what you're buying. And the best story in a collection often comes first, so you buy the whole thing and find the rest were not up to scratch, or else it finished ten pages later.

And what's with the 10% thing instead of page numbers?

Come on, Amazon, sort out the system so we have a better idea what we're buying, and can enjoy the product more easily once it's been downloaded.

Cat x
P.S. Most of my backlist is now available on Kindle. All titles guaranteed long, strong, and highly erotic!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Cat Scarlett is on Goodreads.

If you've read one of my full-length erotic novels, like my latest LOVE SONG OF THE DOMINATRIX, do please rate it and leave a review at Goodreads.



Cat x

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Randomly Exciting

You can find all my novels, including both paperback editions and digital downloads, available to buy at the Random House website.

THE ANIMAL HOUSE: "This is a dark book by an English writer, almost grim at times, unlike many of those in its genre. Not an introduction to erotica. Recommended only for experienced readers who want something different and striking." review

Buy THE ANIMAL HOUSE on Kindle Amazon (US).

'Stylish SM fiction' : Forum

'Classy brand of CP-oriented literature' : Desire Direct

Have fun, and please, remember it's just fiction. Don't take it too seriously!


Monday, June 06, 2011

Cat Scarlett on Kindle: Miaow!

This year, Cat Scarlett hit Kindle.

To download my most popular book to date, the deeply atmospheric WHAT SUKI WANTS, nip over to or and download the novel in a few seconds onto your Kindle.

If you don't have a Kindle device, you can still download my book straight onto your computer or laptop using Kindle software for PC or Mac.


Saturday, May 19, 2007


My latest novel LOVE SONG OF THE DOMINATRIX is out now and already selling fast on Amazon and at the Nexus (Virgin Books) site. I've been busy writing some delicious short stories and a smattering of erotic poems recently, some of them for the US market, so haven't been able to start work yet on a new book. Any ideas for themes or interesting characters, do please leave a comment below.

LOVE SONG OF THE DOMNINATRIX, as you might be able to guess from the title, is about ladies who like to take charge. With a whip or a spanking hand sometimes, or just with the power of their voice. I love this idea of women getting the upper hand, especially since LOVE SONG is a bold departure from my earlier books where the ladies were submissive and the men very much in control. But it would be boring if I just wrote the same old scenario in every Cat Scarlett book, and I'm sure that LOVE SONG will more than please fans of the Dominatrix everywhere.

For lovers of lesbian erotica, my heroine Dinah is also a very hot and dirty-thinking bisexual, preferring the soft and gentle hands of a woman in her own bed, though she does also indulge in heterosexual play in the heat of a strong scene. Threesomes are even better for her, especially if she's on top!

So we get the lady who barks orders at submissive and humiliated men, and the woman who also likes to rough it up with another girl, the softer-lipped and sexier the better. Her particular paramour in LOVE SONG is a flame-haired hotel receptionist called Grace, the sort who wears very conventional clothes with white panties underneath at the beginning of their sexual encounters. By the time Dinah has trained Grace up to be a sub-dom pretty, she's slipping into tight black latex and metal buckles with shiny vicious heels that could reduce the strongest man to a quivering wreck beneath her female authority.

So that's my latest book! If any of this has whetted your appetite, check out LOVE SONG OF THE DOMINATRIX on Amazon and please do let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment below or writing to me courtesy of Nexus at Virgin Books.

Dinah is a tough-talking bisexual dominatrix with a weakness for redheads. So when she meets Grace, a beautiful hotel receptionist looking for excitement, she can't resist converting her to a life of lesbian submission. But Grace is forced to overcome her timidity and take up the whip herself when ex-boyfriend Aidan finds out about their relationship and decides to teach Mistress Dinah a lesson.